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The best global dating website for singles who want to find a serious partner. Afraid of commitment? Never sign up! Ready for a serious relationship? You're in the right place. Plus, ladies get year-long Basic membership for free!

A modern dating website

Finally, all people interested in meeting a real partner have their own online space! We’re a modern online dating website focused purely on signles who are serious about dating. If you're tired of game-like sites like Tinder, you’re in the right place! This dating service combines features of social media (like Facebook, for example) and traditional dating services. The sign-up is free, so why not give it a try right now? Practically all singles who mean it have already signed up. Join them here!  

We have a history of great results because we aren’t afraid to set priorities and differentiate ourselves. How, exactly?

We are a dating website focusing on long-term relationships

Unlike others, our system aims at converting an acquaintance into a real date and a long-term relationship. We structure our membership plan for people who are serious about dating, filtering anyone else out. It’s impossible to view other members' profiles unless a user has uploaded their own photo and added information about themselves. After the Basic membership period, only paid members can engage with the website. Therefore, you’ll only be interacting with people who are just starting out (seeing if it’s for them) or people who are serious enough to upgrade to a paid membership.

As confident as we are in our system, looking for a partner always requires time and patience. Don't get discouraged if you haven't found your soulmate after the first search and sending a few messages. During the long-term Upgraded membership, a large number of new users and potential partners in your age group will appear. If results don’t feel instantaneous, you just need to keep on looking and be proactive. Return to the website regularly to browse new members and see who’s liked you (and if the feeling is mutual). The quicker you contact the newcomers, the higher your chances that they will respond.

OK, but what else makes this dating service special, and what do users pay for?


We invest a lot in your profile visibility

During both the Basic and Upgraded membership period, we actively promote our members’ profiles on social media (FB) and search engines. Whether you’re a newcomer who's created a thorough profile or a paid member already engaged in the community, we promote your profile to attract a steady stream of new users and get your face out there!

A little income is necessary. Otherwise, we’d never be able to invest in promoting your profile or ensure smooth operation of the website. But believe it or not, our prime aim is to help you find your dream partner on our website. And this is how we use the payment: to create a more engaged, focused audience than any free dating site could.

We keep you in the loop

We always let you know when someone new in your age group has registered, that someone liked your photo, etc. You receive a lot of information via email but you think it’s too much, you can just switch off emailing yourself in your account settings. After that, you'll see only the important news about new members, photos and who liked you inside the dating website.

We provide unique features 

Our dating website has a unique design that we have been tweaking for several years. We provide you with a lot of data you wouldn’t find elsewhere. We give you comprehensive lists of users who liked you, of newly registered users from your age group or users who uploaded new photos.

The Search section enables you to filter potential partners geographically, according to likes, education, zodiac sign- whatever you find important! You can also set up searches based on profile behavior- to show only users with photos, or active users, etc. And the website is optimized for mobile- so you can do a quick search anytime you want!

Customer support is paramount

There’s always a real person you can contact if you have a problem or question. Just click Support at the bottom. We typically react within 24 hours after receiving a query. 


 To support our point, we provide a page comparing our site with others. You can take a look at why people love our site and take part in the rating yourself. See here


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